On the 7th of December, OBESSU was awarded the 3rd Civil Society Prize during the plenary session of the European Economic and Social Committee for the 'Light on the Rights' Bus Tour project.

After evaluating more than 50 Civil Society projects, the selection board for the EESC Civil Society Prize was unanimous in choosing the winners of this year’s prize:

  • Erasmus Student Network: Social Erasmus (1st prize)
  • European Alternatives: Transeuropea Festival (2nd prize)
  • OBESSU: Light on the Rights Bus Tour (3rd prize)

The Civil Society Prize highlights outstanding initiatives and flagship projects by civil society organisations that have a positive impact on Europeans’ lives.  This year the specific theme was “Dialogue and participation fostering EU values: Integration, diversity, solidarity, tolerance”.

The ‘Light on the Rights’ Bus Tour was awarded the 3rd prize. On the 7th of December, OBESSU representatives attended the plenary session of the EESC to accept the prize on behalf of OBESSU. Staffan Nilsson, the President of the EESC and Anna Maria Darmanin, the Vice-President, warmly welcomed the winners. Mr. President highlighted how difficult it had been to choose winners since all participants were proud contributions to European society.

The plenary session started with a short video that was especially made for the ceremony. For OBESSU, it features Board member Jessie Seal and documentary maker Luke Flegg presenting the 'Lights on the Rights' Bus Tour:

Next, OBESSU Secretary General Viviana Galli was given the floor to introduce the audience to OBESSU and its fight for students’ rights. A trophy and diploma were officially handed over to her. After the ceremony, a photo session took place and Viviana was interviewed by the press. The day ended with an evening reception were key speakers emphasised the importance of Civil Society and youth work.

Click here for the results on the EESC webpage.

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OBESSU thanks its Board, member organisations and many student activists for making the 'Light on the Rights' Bus Tour a huge success!