From the 15th January we welcomed a new colleague in the OBESSU office: Dragana! She will be working with OBESSU as a Programme Manager, so she will manage the projects’ team of OBESSU and will ensure the quality implementation of the annual implementation plan and the work plan of OBESSU. She will be working on harmonising all of the OBESSU projects and maximising their impact for the members and the wider public as well as she will work strategically to ensure that the OBESSU programmes run smoothly and offer quality learning experiences. 

Dragana is coming from North Macedonia, where before joining OBESSU she was part of a local youth-led NGO working with young people from different ethnic, religious and cultural background in a post-conflict community.
The focus of her work is youth participation, intercultural dialogue and human rights education, and she has been working on international, national and local level. She is very active within several European and global networks, but her focus has also been on national policy changes and advocacy.

Dragana is an experienced educator working with non-formal education with young people and adults, with her focus being on human rights education, inclusion, youth participation, human rights education and prevention.

She has a dynamic personality, and is always searching for personal and professional challenges. She loves dogs, and she always enjoys playing board games and relaxing with friends. 

You can contact Dragana writing to