Several months of hard work of the project team of the Miina Härma Gymansium resulted in the successful implementation of a great "Seeds for Integration“ local initiative! Read more about the event, and if you like it, organise something similar in your school. The third round of the Seeds for Integration is open, apply for funding until the 5th June!

On the 6th of April in Tartu, Estonia, the auditorium of Miina Härma Gymansium was jam packed with students. Their chatter filled the room up until the event started, but from then on till the very end of the event there was almost complete silence. Students were quiet, they listened with bigger interest than we could have ever imagined. An event of three hours, it is not enough to make a remarkable change, but pupils started talking and debating.

The overall aim of the event was to raise awareness on migration and refugees’ current situation in the world and by that, simply increase tolerance. It is a difficult task to complete since tolerance develops throughout years. Due to the structure of the event, lecture after lecture, the athmosphere became more and more relaxed, enabling the participants to feel more and more related to the discussed topic. During the discussion circles, teachers and performers sat down with the students and listened to what the they had to say and also debated with them in an approchable, friendly way.

The biggest fear of the project team was that the message behind the activities might not reach the students. However, this initial worry proved to be unnecessary as during discussion circles all of the students were lost in the heat of the discussion and during the breaks students confidently asked questions from the performers and explained their point of view openly.

Three hours that is one event, is not enough to make a remarkable change, but children started talking and that is what is going to make the change.

Written by Karolin Eks, Project Coordinator