This OBESSU year has been full of first times: in June we held our first Online General Assembly, we have been dealing with distance learning for the first time - and now the first Online Council of Members (COMEM) in OBESSU’s history. 

But what is the Council of Members? 

It is OBESSU’s second most important decision making event, after the General Assembly, and it takes place once a year. COMEM gathers the representatives of Member Organisations of OBESSU. This year it took place on the 5th and 6th of December and it was chaired by the former Board Members Larissa Nenning (2016-2018) and Ida Kreutzmann (2012-2014). Additionally, it marked the closure of the 17th November Campaign ‘School Students’ Rights Are Not In A Lockdown’. 

What happened during this COMEM?

Between reports and dance parties during breaks, a lot of other things happened:

  • We renewed the two Policy Papers on 'Students’ Welfare' and 'Recommendations on the relations between Education and the Labour Market' and we approved new ones on  'Minorities' Rights' and 'Quality of Teaching'. Policy papers are always the outcome of a long process and consultations with our Members, and we want to thank everyone who participated!

  • We approved a new Implementation Plan for 2021 and amanded the Development Strategy of OBESSU.

  • We had various reflections on the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on Education and the future of School Students’ Activism, sharing experiences and best practices and outlining our new dedicated research on the topic.

  • We had really interesting open discussions. MOs participation and engagement was surely high and they had the space to present themselves during the Membership Fair, to share their experiences and latest challenges, to propose and deliver workshops, to expand their network and to socialise.

  • We heard reports from the projects team on interesting projects ahead including the European Change Makers Academy, Stronger School Student Unions, Brave New You, Ecofighters and the Sirius 2.0 project.

  • We laughed and met new friends around Europe.

We might be physically distant from eachother, but we are surely more united than ever in our mission to fight for school students' rights and reshape Education!

While we still miss in-person events so much, we can proudly say that our Online Council of Members 2020 was a success. We want to thank all the Members Organisations, the Board, the Secretariat, our Guests, the Chairpersons and our Interpreters that made it possible and enjoyable.

We hope to see you all (offline) again in six months, for our next General Assembly!