Since January 2010, on, Italian school students participate to the construction of a special webpage called ‘Dalla Scuola – il giornale degli studenti’ (‘From the school – the students’ newspaper’). Now the successful project is ready to expand to all European students!

On 'Dalla Scuola' students publish online content for free and get help from experienced editors. The project helps young writers to get their voice out of the classrooms and reach everyone. IDO, the projects’ organizing NGO, also has an educational goal: to recognize and enhance the creativity of every student and to open the debate about the main youth-related issues.

This student newspaper is a big success: it currently receives about 3.500 articles per year. Each week, dozens of media pieces on different themes are published.

Given the initiative’s success, decided to expand it to students from all over Europe by creating the 'Diary of Young Reporters for Europe' (Dyre) webzine. This Diary will be presented in November during the festival ‘Diregiovani Direfuturo’ (The Festival of young ideas).