During the week between the 22nd-29th of April 2018, OBESSU held the Study Session ‘’Active Participation Against Cyberbullying’’ organised in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France.

The aim of the Study Session was to foster active participation of school students and their unions as multipliers in advocating for online human rights and democratic citizenship. For this, the concrete objectives of the study session included:

  • To understand the concepts of "online hate speech" and "cyberbullying", the human rights framework, and the work done by the Council of Europe in this field;
  • To analyse the reality and the initiatives undertaken in different European countries, to combat online hate speech and cyberbullying at school;
  • To explore the role school students and school student unions can have and the tools they can use in modelling and promoting human rights online and offline;
  • To provide participants with new skills and competences to become "online activists" against online hate speech and cyberbullying;
  • To design future initiatives to be implemented at local, regional, national and international level, aimed at promoting human rights and combating hate speech and cyberbullying at school.

The whole Study Session was a great success, bringing together 33 participants from across Europe. After 6 intense working days, the participants went home with already planned initiatives on a local, regional, national and European level. OBESSU is looking forward to supporting these initiatives that will create stronger co-operation between school student activists in combating cyberbullying.

A big thank you goes out to the prep-team, composed by Giuseppe from RSM (Italy), Joanna from the OBESSU Pool of Trainers, Sara from OBESSU Board, Ufuk from the Council of Europe (CoE) and Judit and Riccardo from the OBESSU Secretariat.
Thank you, for your hard work and dedication! #apac

Written by Sara Þöll Finnbogadóttir, Board member