The OBESSU Quality of Teaching Working Group had its first physical meeting from the 23rd to 25th of March in Brussels, Belgium. The aim of this working group, as stated in the OBESSU implementation plan for 2019, is to understand the current situation regarding the quality of teaching, to explore the cooperation between students and teachers and to investigate tools. Furthermore, the working group will create a policy paper which will outline the importance of the collaboration between school students and teachers, and the role of school student in the process of teachers evaluations.

The working group includes the following members: Camille Souffron (UNL), Kristza Jozsa (MAKOSZ), Adrian Barbaros (CNE), Rob O`Donnell (Board) and Judit Lantai from the Secretariat.

During our stay in Brussels we dived into the differences between European countries, exploring to what extent school student's demands have an impact on the process of evaluating teachers. At the same time, we proposed and debated concrete tools of evaluation used in the whole process of evaluating teachers from the school student perspective.

In the last day of our meeting we had the opportunity to initiative a constructive dialogue with two amazing organisations, ETUCE and ATEE. On the first part of the day we had a Skype meeting with Marija from ATEE, with a focus on teacher training.  Later, during our meeting with the teacher representative Agnes - ETUCE Secretariat member - we talked about our policy paper inputs and the importance of teacher and school student's collaboration. In this case, OBESSU and ETUCE can help with the establishment of a relationship between these two actors in those countries where there is both an OBESSU member organisation and an ETUCE one.

In the upcoming months we will suggest to involve the whole OBESSU membership so stay tuned!

Written by Adrian Barbaros, member of the Working Group on Quality of Teaching.