Between the 17th and the 18th of February, in a rainy and cloudy Strasbourg, the Study Session "Active Participation Against Cyberbullying" prep-team met for a preparation meeting. The prep-team is composed by our Board Member Sara, Nedim and Joanna from the OBESSU Pool of Trainers, Ufuk from the Council of Europe and Giuseppe, a representative from our Member Organisations.

The aim of the upcoming Study Session is to give OBESSU the tools to face cyberbulling, hate speech and violence on the internet. The prep-team is preparing and shaping the activities and will support all the participants during this one-week event of learning, sharing and fun!

During the whole prep-meeting, thanks also to the support of our Secretary General Ela, we dug into this complex and (unfortunately) growing social phenomenon. We have started preparing the timetable of activities, which will cover the entire week, giving great space to capacity building, sharing of best practices and tools preparation. We have used non-formal education methods and have taken inspiration from human rights materials made by the Council of Europe.

The event will be hosted by the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre of Strasbourg (22-29 April) and we will make sure to include in our activities the great work made by this organisation on human rights.

Cyberbullying is very dangerous especially for young people and, as organisations defending school student rights, we should make sure that our fight against discrimination will have a greater relevance. We will reflect together about how school students and our school communities could be safer on social networks, exploring threats and opportunities of these new technologies that are involving millions of us all across Europe and the world.

These days of preparation were really exciting: sharing our points of view about this topic has been amazing, and we are all looking forward to meet all the participants and to start this experience together!

Written by Giuseppe Lipari, Study Session prep-team member