In just 3 weeks, at the upcoming Council of Members of the European Youth Forum (YFJ), 20 out of 30 members of the Advisory Council on Youth (AC) will be elected. The AC is a Council of Europe body which provides opinions and input on all youth sector activities. It also ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe.

OBESSU is excited to nominate one of our Board Members – Sara Þöll Finnbogadóttir – as a candidate to the Advisory Council on Youth 2020-2021.

Sara has been very active in different School Student representative structures, since the age of 16. Alongside being a Board Member of OBESSU, Sara is the International Officer of the Icelandic Youth Council (LUF) and works at a youth centre for 13-16 years old - she previously worked at a youth centre for 16-25 years old.

Due to her working and volunteering experiences, not only on the international level but also on the national level, Sara is the excellent candidate to represent young people especially aged 13-25 years old.

The main areas Sara proposes to focus on, if elected, are:

  1. The important role that education plays in inclusive societies
  2. Improving access to rights for unorganised youth
  3. The importance of participatory & democratic peer education that creates a culture of participation

Sara has the full support of the OBESSU Board which will contribute to Sara’s mandate in the Advisory Council. Our relationship with the Council of Europe, and especially its Youth Department, began a long time ago and we will make sure to keep that relationship steady and strong in the upcoming years.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about Sara and her candidacy, throughout our social media channels!

Have a question for Sara, or just want to chat? Contact her directly through her email:

Here is her motivation letter!