Between the 25th and 27th of July 2019, the members of the Sex and Gender Working Group met in the OBESSU’s office in Brussels, Belgium. The Working Group consists of 5 members; Eboni Burke (ISSU Ireland), Carlotta Chiaramonte (RSM Italy), Georgia Hejduk (CSU Czech Republic), Kira Legenhausen (SVB Germany) and Giuseppe Lipari (OBESSU Board). 

The first day was dedicated to the review of OBESSU’s policies, trying to figure out whether they are inclusive to the standards of gender inclusivity. This long process involved all of OBESSU's Policy Papers including the Political Platform and will continue in the next weeks. 

The Group answered two guiding questions: “what is relevant in SexEd?”, and "what is the school system missing about it?” to move onto creating a campaign dedicated to advocating on the topic.

On day two, the Group started a discussion on activities that can be done as part of the campaign, and then moved on to a concrete template preparation for the activities on the topic, integrating them to the campaign. The day ended with a focus on the new International Cooperation of OBESSU, and how could the work on the topic improve all around the world. 

The last day was dedicated to the integration of the notes and creation of the magazine, finalising these papers as an outcome of the OBESSU Study Session 2019. In addition, we discussed the campaign and the activities, preparing us for an intense season of work!

We thank Sara Þöll, former Board Member and current Member of the Monitoring Committee, for the support on the outcomes of the Study Session, and Samira, María and Felipe from the Secretariat for the technical and logistical support. 

Written by Giuseppe Lipari and Georgia Hejduk.