What is knowledge and turnover management? How do we make school student organisations more sustainable? How do we ensure that all the organisation knowledge is not in only one person’s head or in a place that no one can access?

We tried to find answers to these and more questions from the 30th January to the 4th February. As a part of the Stronger School Student Unions project, OBESSU organised interregional peer learning activity on knowledge and turnover management. As much as the title might seem confusing, what it meant that during 4 days, we explored what knowledge and turnover management is and how to ensure that it is done successfully and efficiently in a setting of school student organisations. We brought together 20 participants to Vilnius, Lithuania for 4 days packed with content. The group did a great job sharing their best practices and managed to help each other learn and come up with ideas and tips for the issues their organisations are facing. 

The team, composed of a Board member (Bicca), two members of the Pool of Trainers (Qendresa and Luca) and an OBESSU alumna (Gwen) have delivered session on topics ranging from analysing organisation structures; on making meetings efficient and useful; on how to make the best use of different communication tools and softwares; or how to make the best use of feedback and how to use it to one’s benefit. 

The goal of the PLA was to share best practices and to make sure that the group goes home with something concrete they can use if they wish to. Therefore, the team prepared templates and checklists for the various areas that we identified as areas we can improve in terms of knowledge and turnover management. We hope these templates will serve as an inspiration for the organisations and will help them, either in a way they are on in a form of an idea to improve what they wished to improve before they came to the event.

We are very grateful to the active and engaged group of participants and we hope that this was only the start of a process of making OBESSU and its membership more sustainable.