On the occasion of the Estonian stop of the Bus Tour, on 12th of September ESCU organized a peaceful demonstration for free school food for students of upper secondary and vocational education. On that day around 100 young people gathered on the Town Hall square of Tallinn to support the cause. The demonstration included a little play about a girl who can’t afford the food at school and how this affects her life. Some energizers were played to keep people warm. During the event, students begged for money from by passers as a symbolic action to gather attention towards the issue of school meals.

OBESSU gave its support to the public action of the Estonian school students: board member Valter Söderman held a speech stressing the importance of schools free from any kind of costs, and that ESCU is not alone in its struggle for free meals since this is what also  other school student unions in Europe are fighting for.

ESCU has also received a lot of letters of support and, after the event, three Estonian political parties expressed support to ESCU’s demands. The public action gained a lot of media attention from TV, radio and in the newspapers.