A number of 24 students from across Europe have participated in the Summer School organized by the University on Youth and Development for the 22nd edition, in Mollina, Spain. OBESSU’s training was one of the nine activities organized by different partners of the edition. In the span of a week, these young individuals, from 15 organizations, have taken part in multiple sessions, addressing topics such as democracy, campaigning and changes that are mandatory for the educational climate at an international level. Among these, they have debated health education, mental health, school curricula and so on. 

They have worked to find ways to help students all around Europe solve the most pressing issues that they are facing. Besides, the participants took part in multiple activities to get to know each other better, shared their experiences through peer-to-peer learning and created a nice group atmosphere, conducing to development and learning. The trainings were presented in a unique way, by engaging each participant in practical group activities and in brainstorming great ideas. Keeping on course with the annual theme of the event, “Youth, peace and climate change”, the participating students attended joint sessions in which they discussed these three important topics, along with 200 other people from other organizations. Thus, they had the major opportunity to enlarge their fields of view and see these topics a lot clearer.

Following the immense inspiration that engulfed the students, OBESSU will form a working group in order to establish the most important campaigns to be organized on the 17th of November, International Students’ Day. This way, everyone involved will have the occasion to apply what they have learned finally.

I am extremely grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this amazing event and to have met such inspiring young people from all over the continent, that gave me hope for a better world.

Written by: Rafaela-Alexandra Barac-Bologa