Not just giving money, but also practical support is one of the key underlying ideas of our re-funding project “Seeds for Integration”. Besides our full-time Programme Coordinator Eszter who has been in close contact with all project leaders during all the phases of their projects managing the technicalities, we want to introduce a new pillar of support: the OBESSU Pool of Trainers.

Our Pool of Trainers gathers enthusiastic and experienced youth facilitators and trainers in non-formal education with a background in school student activism. It functions as a community for pedagogical development, support for OBESSU events and the wider membership. Given that many of our trainers have expertise in the field of social inclusion and human rights, this offers a perfect opportunity to connect them to Seeds for Integration.

Laura, Marvin, Ketie, Joanna and Giuseppina are now offering support for projects on the inclusion of refugees and migrants in education. This support can take many forms: questions about pedagogical approaches, feedback for workshop plans, project management tricks or initiative evaluation help. They are easily approachable via email to - send them any non-technical question you have about your project. There are no stupid questions, the Pool of Trainers is happy to help when you are stuck and need advice of other experienced young people.

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