The Training Course for International Officers in a nutshell. 

Brussels, 17th to 23rd of February, 2023.

The training was attended by 12 young people from as many as 11 different youth organizations in Europe, while the training was led by people from the Secretariat and Board of the OBESSU organization.  On the first day, after a dynamic introduction, we talked about struggles in organizations and came to the conclusion that students and young people all over Europe are going through similar problems. Later that day, the qualities and duties of the international officer in OBESSU were listed.  

The second day we started with the topic: rights, but also problems and solutions, the role of student organizations.  All those present could express their concerns, hopes and the like on behalf of their organizations.  The leitmotif topic was the Vote@16 model, on which young participants gave their opinions, and a simulation of the adoption of the law in the European parliament was held, where the participants, according to their roles, sought reasons for and against the adoption of this law and amendments.  At the end of each day, reflection groups would be held, which encouraged the participants to think but without pressure, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

On Monday, (20.2.2023) we visited the Parliament and a simulation of the work of the European Parliament took place in the Parlamentarium.  With guests and Board members, workshops were held on the topic of rights and voting during historical times and how they are implemented today.  The tour of the European History Museum was of great importance for the participants, as well as a wonderful experience.  Through six floors, they had the chance to "love through '' numerous moments of European history (the myth of Europe, colonialism and imperialism, the Cold War, the first and second industrial revolutions, Europe in the present...).  

We spent Tuesday planning - new activities, events, campaigns and learning about the promotion and implementation of projects.  An example was the campaign "Can you afford to work for free?" created by the European Youth Forum.  Working in groups, discussions, smart and swot analysis contributed to the International Officers being even more prepared for the next events.  

On Wednesday, the training came to an end, the peer review and the rest of the planning and evaluation took place.  After that, the participants had the opportunity to hear more about civic education, taking into account that the improvement of its quality and quantity in European schools is still being worked on, the question was answered: what future in policy making.  That concludes this TCIO.

 As someone who participated in this training, I must emphasize that I've been handled with so much care.  The Obessu Board and the Secretariat made an effort to have all the materials and the best possible conditions to work, but also to ensure that the work was not monotonous and boring.  There was no lack of energy, and when there was, there were numerous energizers.

The work was not only theoretical but also practical, we came up with solutions, plans and we also visited important European institutions.  I commend the whole team in general, I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to participate and I look forward to everything that is coming soon.


Written by Lana Lješković, International Officer of Unija srednjoškolaca Crne Gore (UNSCG and participant of the TCIO.