After a nice stay in Stockholm, the LOTR Bus drove away towards the next stop: Copenhagen. After a late arrival and a warm welcoming by the OBESSU members in Denmark: Danske Gymnasieelevers Sammenslutning (DGS), Erhvervsskolernes Elev-Organisation (EEO), Landssammenslutningen af Handelskoleelever (LH) the LOTR crew had a well deserved rest. The next morning the mission in Copenhagen started! All the Danish organizations had organised a demonstration, Ungen ta´r ansvar, together with numerous your organisations in Denmark.

After dressing up in bloody doctor costumes and getting our “uddannelsen Bloder” (education bleeds) banners ready, the LOTR crew, together with the Danish students, stormed out with flyers. After a good walk and some theater-like performances up and down Copenhagen's main street, everyone headed back “home”.

The following morning started with a visit to one of Copenhagen’s gymnasiums where the message of the demonstration was shared again. There the crew met a lot of school students and over the lunch break school related issues were discussed. Back in the office the next activity of the day was prepared: a board game about education on the main square of the city (Radhuspladsen).

After those nice 2 days in Copenhagen the Bus Tour hit the road again in the direction of the next stop: Brussels!