After Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, the LOTR Bus Tour arrived in Sweden, where OBESSU was hosted by our Swedish member organization SVEA (Sveriges Elevråd).

On 20th September SVEA organized an event on the links between the educational system and the labor market in Sweden, and what challenges globalization present in the country when it comes to rising super powers such as China and India.

A panel debate, moderated by SVEA president Tobias Jobring, was held which included representatives from the municipality of Järfälla, the trade union, Save the Children and the school’s student council. OBESSU Board Member Valter Söderman participated in the panel to give an European context to the discussions, and stressed the importance of critical thinking and Life Long Learning in education, to enable students to keep up in the changing world they will eventually been working in. The event was organized in cooperation with the student council of the NT Gymnasium in Järfälla, where it was held.