Last Tuesday the LOTR Bus tour went from St Gilgen to Ljubljana. They arrived in the dark cold night but were cheered up very soon by a tasty dinner with Isidor. After a preparatory meeting in the DOS office the next morning, the team was ready for the appointment with the Slovenian Minister of Education and Sport. OBESSU had the honor to support DOS in their negotiations for the improvement of public transport for school students.

After talking to the press, Ales (DOS president) translated a bit what was said and talked about the meeting. He seemed to be very satisfied with the outcomes of the meeting. The LOTR team was very glad to help and hopes the relation with the Ministry will improve and DOS will reach their goals.

In the afternoon we visited the national railway station and they presented us a new concept of transportation of young people they had been working on. It was a very good atmosphere that will translate in a successful cooperation.

During the visit inSlovenia, the Bus Tour team had the chance to meet Tine Radinja, President of the European Youth Forum, in his home town. He gave an interview regarding students’ rights as a part of youth rights at the European level. It was very inspiring to hear him talking about the recognition of youth rights also making the link towards other continents.

Leaving the nice Slovenian countryside behind us the Bus set the GPS toRome. After hours and hours the crew arrived at the famous UdS house. They cook some Italian pasta (of course!) and provided a place to sleep: everything the team needed!