To have enough power for such an important topic as student rights, we started off in Switzerland with croissants, coffee and Swiss chocolate. We soon moved on to the more official part opening with an introduction round and presenting USO, OBESSU and the LOTR Bus Tour.

After this rather theoretic part we did a Maaa-zinga energizer and shaked the whole school. Now we were ready to tackle the topic of student rights with an interesting American debate and dicovered that there are many different opinions in Switzerland. In the afternoon we had the plan to make photostories about student rights, but since the participants were really into discussing and finding ways to realise these rights, we finally ended up with a working group instead of a photo story. The working group already got the next steps planned: they chose a date for the next meeting and will be organising a bigger national event with the motto "we are experts". I guess we can say that the Bus Tour Event in Zurich was a full success and will definately have further impact on Switzerland.