The study on the involvement of Civil Society in the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) is finally out! Starting from a preliminary research on the involvement of CSOs and NGOs in the preparation of the NRRPs at the EU and national level conducted in 2020, Civil Society Europe built up a joint task force in which OBESSU participated through its Secretariat. Also with the contribution of some of our MOs, in the framework of another CSE-led survey we provided concrete evidence on a strategic topic for education: the lacking practices of involving student unions in the preparation process of the NRRPs. The final result is an interesting report from which our unions can draw elements of transnational updating. The country sheets report concrete cases of good practices in the EU and evidence-based policy recommendations on the possibilities of activating civil society in the decision-making processes that will concern the implementation of the NRRPs. This process will take place until 2026: it will concern all the investments that the EU Country Members included in their Plans. These actions will be part of the national legislative processes and of a negotiation with the EU Commission, to ensure the gradual disbursement of small amounts of Recovery and Resilience Facilities in the large basket of RRFs approved in 2021 for the benefit of EU Countries that submitted proposals of NRRPs (26 out of 27).

OBESSU, together with its partners in the education sector and in the Civil Society, will continue its path of monitoring at every level. In January 2022 the report will be publicly presented and discussed thanks to Civil Society Europe: get ready for a good discussion on this very important topic for students from all over Europe!

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