Around 7500 participants (aged 16-30);
More than 150 big activities organised BY and FOR young people;
More than 50 youth organisations involved;
Dozens of volunteers;
Workshops, performances, music…
… and much, much more!

Between the 20th and the 21st of May 2016, thousands of young people met in Strasbourg, France, for one of the biggest youth events taking place in Europe. The European Youth Event 2016, organised by the European Parliament with valuable support of the European Youth Forum, gave the opportunity to young people coming from all over Europe and beyond to exchange ideas and perspectives with their peers and with European decision-makers, presenting innovative ideas on how to tackle important issues of OUR time.

More than 50 youth organisations have been involved over the past 7 months in order to shape and plan the different activities, workshops, seminars, conference and performances. OBESSU took part in the event with a group of 15 people, including all the members of the Working Group on VET and Working Group on the Manual, the entire OBESSU Board and a guest from the National Society of Apprentices (NSoA).

Among other ongoing activities, we had the pleasure to organise a panel discussion and two workshops. Moreover, OBESSU participants took part in other panels and workshops as experts and speakers, bringing the school students’ perspectives on different hot topics related to young people and their role in society.

The panel discussion organised by OBESSU, took place in the European Parliament on the first day (Friday 20th). Entitled “Vocational Education and Training: time for an upgrade!”, the panel aimed at investigate the role and attractiveness of VET, trying to overcome the negative dualism between VET and academic education. The panellists, Sigve Bjorstad from the DG Employment of the European Commission, Edward Shorney from the National Society of Apprentices, Robin Praillet from Nestle and Rebecca Olin (FSS) who brought a VET student’s perspective, had a fruitful and interactive discussion with a very big (around 130 people) and interested audience.

On the second day (Saturday 21st), OBESSU facilitated two workshops in the “Exclusion or Access” hub, one if the “thematic” structures placed in the area right outside the European Parliament, the so called Yo!Village. One of the highlights of the day was the official launch of the renewed Manual for School Students (soon online)! Built on the content of the Manual, the Working Group members facilitated a workshop called “School student universe: why organise?” where participants were asked to follow a few easy steps to create a campaign and to lobby for particular issues school students have to face in real life.

The second workshop aimed at discovering the value and meaning of Vocational Education and Training. Which elements are necessary to have a “perfect” VET system? Reflecting on this question, participants had to prepare a fruit salad (yes… a fruit salad!!). Different types of fruit = different VET elements. Cutting, peeling and shaping the different aspects and elements of VET in order to create the best fruit salad/VET system. Lots of fun!

We also take the opportunity to say thanks to the EYE Team who managed to organise such a big and successful event!

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