The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the main coordinating body for economic and social activities of the United Nations, had its Substantive Session from 4th to 29thJuly in Geneva. This year “Education for all” was the focus of the meeting. UN officials, government ministers, experts and policy-makers came together to discuss how to ensure that everyone has access to a decent education. The Substantive Session started with an opening ceremony, where the President of ECOSOC, Lazarous Kapambwe, emphasised that the poor quality of education remains a problem, and the offer often does not match the learners' needs. Another major problem is that 67 million school-age children around the world still do not have access to school for economic or social reasons. The President of the UN General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, stressed that empowering through education is essential in order to eradicate poverty, improve health and to meet the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. Efforts to guarantee education for all, therefore, need to be boosted. In a declaration adopted at the end of the high-level session, government officials stated “We recognize that providing quality education for children, youth and adults helps to develop the knowledge and skills that people and countries need to flourish, and that additional measures are required to improve the quality of education”. Click here for press releases of the UN ECOSOC Substantive Session. Click here for the publication of the European Youth Forum on ‘Development needs Youth’.