We are back in full power after the summer, and apart from many events for the whole membership, many advocacy trips, we have had the opportunity to visit another organisation from our membership for a field visit!

Between 3-6 October, our Membership and Capacity Building Officer Dasa and OBESSU Alumna Viviana, our former Secretary General, visited UEM in Chisinau, Moldova. The field visits are a part of the Stronger School Student Unions (SSSU).

During three days with UEM we were able to focus on many areas of their work that they would like to change or improve, such as membership, outreach, membership or financial sustainability and financial management. We were able to share some best practices from our member organisations and from OBESSU and we are looking forward to seeing where UEM takes it in the next few months. 

Olivia, a board member and the international officer of UEM shared her thoughts on the field visit : "The OBESSU Field Visit was an eye-opening experience for UEM, that exceeded all our expectations. Within these days, we defined our values, goals, long-term projects, and whom we want to reach and influence with our actions.

The trainings brought us a new perspective and a great deal of thought will now go into the changes we would like to implement in the future. We would like to notice improvements in our work, living environment and community, and surely the Field Visit will help us with this goal. Respectively, we are very grateful for your help and hope that this is the foundation for a beautiful collaboration between our organisations.

UEM will take note of all the suggestions and start on a new page, thanks to Dasa and Viviana's help."

As a part of SSSU we are also involving our Alumni network since we are aware of the endless amount of knowledge and experience our former activists, board members or staff members have. We are very glad that Viviana could share her knowledge, tips and could give UEM feedback. 

If your organisation is a part of OBESSU and  you need support, facilitating internal discussions, are in need of a capacity building or anything similar and would like OBESSU to organise a field visit to your organisation, please let us know! The topics we focus on are:

  1. Knowledge and turnover management

  2. Sustainable finances and human resource management

  3. Political impact and outreach

  4. Representation: structure and constituency

  5. Democratic decision making and inclusion

If your organisation is interested in a field visit, please contact Daša at dasa@obessu.org