In the framework of the ‘Seeds for Integration’ project’s second application round, a creative, out of the box initiative idea from a group of Albanian school students received a medium-scale grant. We were excited to follow the implementation process and now that the initiative has been fully realised you can also learn a bit more about their story.

This summer, youth from two high schools in the South-West of Albania implemented a ‘Seeds for Integration’ initiative called “Welcome home, friend”. The project aimed at raising awareness about the necessity of giving more attention to and organising integrative activities among high school students who had lived through a refugee/migrant experience.

The main activity of the project included a ““Human Library” where participants shared the ups and downs of being a migrant or refugee and the challenges faced to reintegrate back home. In addition to this, another interesting activity, the “Friendship Zone” exhibition was organised to celebrate the diversity of cultures and new friendships build during the implementation of the project. Such youth initiatives are important to empowering and reminding each other of values such as: tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, dialogue and peaceful co-existence!

In order not just to read about the initiative but also to see the tremendous fun the participants had, check out these pictures!