The Working Group on Quality of Education Funding has been recently renewed, following the election of the previous members for other OBESSU bodies.

Two new motivated students, Cecilia from FSS and Yvonne from ISSU, joined Benjamin and Chloe in this adventure that will last until January.

The team members have different experiences in their Organisations, but they are united by the same energy and motivation to take a step further in student activism, challenge themselves and contribute to positive changes in the society.  

Together they are conducting a research focusing on the quality of funding that educational institutions in Europe receive. Too often, when talking about funding, we refer to the quantity of them, forgetting that, in order to have a well-functioning educational system, we need structured and high-quality investments that give all students the same opportunities and that prepare teachers with quality training. 

Moreover, the scope of this research is to analyse how the education fundings have changed after the economic crisis of 2008 and which areas of education need substantial improvements.

In the light of the new challenges that educational systems have faced this year, the Working Group will also explore the effects of the pandemic on education fundings.

Despite the difficulties of working online and not being able to meet each other in person, the Working Group is really happy to have come up together and to contribute to OBESSU work of defending school students' rights.

We wish them an interesting and fruitful term!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch with them at