The United Nations are on a world-wide search for facts on homophobia and want to know what you do to fight these human rights violations.

Education International (EI) welcomes this initiative and wants to help UNESCO gather good practices on homophobic bullying in educational institutions.

Last June, the UN expressed concern about homophobia and gender based violence.  The Human Rights Council passed a resolution on ’Human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity’.

To put this policy into practice, the UN started a global consultation to document this suffering. The study will detail “discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, in all regions of the world”. The results will be presented during an international meeting in Brazil in December 2011.

Education International (EI) welcomes this world-wide initiative and – within their frame of expertise - wants to help UNESCO gather good practices about homophobic bullying in educational institutions. Homophobic bullying refers to bullying towards homosexuals or anyone that does not conform to the male and female stereotypes.

Does your union organise workshops, did you do an action, or do you have a great idea to fight this bullying? Share these good practices and EI will send them all to UNESCO!

Education unions can also send their submissions directly to UNESCO’s consultant, Peter Gordon, at and it is requested that you also copy in EI Co-ordinator, Rebeca Sevilla, by email: