It has been more than half a year since I was working at the office for the last time, on June 15th (during the hottest summer Belgium remembers since the seventies), wrapping up final instructions for Giuseppina, and packing my belongings from the desk that she was now to occupy.

After six months of maternity leave, it is so exciting to be back at the OBESSU office, in the daily discussions and decisions, among fantastic committed colleagues, and with amazing prospects for 2019.  It is very impressive to see how many things changed, progressed, blossomed and how OBESSU is still on the forefront of discussions on school students rights at European level.

We have a new Board I will work with, several International Officers among our membership stepped into their position while I was off, we even have a new candidate organisation from Turkey!

Some things do not change though, and that’s a good thing! There is still a flood of e-mails (meaning the wheels are turning!), there are the initiatives and processes I was a part of six months ago and I’m happy to see them continued, and lastly, there is always someone to offer you a cup of coffee at the office.

One final change – the central position on my desk is now occupied by the picture of little Emil. It is good to know that I’m working every day for something that will hopefully allow him to go to a more democratic and learner centred school!

Written by Ela Jakubek--Grootjans, OBESSU Secretary General