On the 15th of September, Finnish OBESSU members SLL (The Union of Finnish Upper Secondary School Students) and FSS (The Swedish-speaking School Student Union of Finland) organized a seminar in Helsinki about school student rights in Europe and Finland. The seminar began with a presentation of the Light on the Rights campaign and the ongoing Bus Tour by OBESSU volunteer and Bus Tour coordinator Milica Bojic. A presentation about the situation of school student rights in Finland and the work of the school student unions was held by the presidents of SLL, Teppo Säkkinen, and FSS, Alina Böling.

The highlight of the event consisted in a panel debate with Paula Palin (FSS), Ville Majamaa (SLL), Valter Söderman (OBESSU) and Mr. Mikko Ollikainen (Political Adviser to the Minister of Youth, Mr Stefan Wallin). The title of the panel was “Which rights do Finnish school students lack in the year 2010” and the debate focused a lot on the existing rights that Finnish students have, but that are not fully realised in their everyday life, and how participation in decision making processes should be improved.