On the 27th of March, the Working Group on the Political Platform started its action with a preparatory on-line meeting. This structure is one of steps in implementation of OBESSU Wok Plan 2015-2017.

The group, composed by Bicca Olin (FSS Finland), Ellen O'Rourke (ISSU Ireland), Giuseppe Lipari (RSM Italy), and Ferre Windey (OBESSU Board), will analyse the OBESSU Political Platform, finding points of strength and weakness, to help the whole organization in understanding the PP and in adequating it with changes following the evolution of the European and national contexts. With this first meeting the group discussed the need of having a stronger consciousness of Political Platform relevance and sense in the OBESSU, to mantain useful this instrument for our organization.
At the beginning the WG will elaborate some guidelines to make easier a revision of the Political Platform, with the first aim to encourage a complete debate on the PP in the next statutory meeting, the OBESSU General Assembly 2017, which will also consider the OBESSU role as an international stakeholder for Education.
First of all the WG will carefully analyse the Political Platform, comparing it with National Obessu Members' ones and some documents from other European youth organizations and platforms.
The Working Group will have another on-line meeting and a physical meeting before the end of April, to produce as much as possible for all the OBESSU Members and for the OBESSU work of fighting for students'rights in the next future.


Written by Giuseppe Lipari, WG Political Platform Member

To reach the group, you can mail them: wg-pp@obessu.org