From the 12th-13th of April, our Board members Sara & Giuseppe attended the European Youth Forum’s (YFJ) Council of Members (COMEM) in Brussels, Belgium.

This COMEM was filled with decision making, amendment debates and the elections of the 2020-2021 Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe (AC).

The night before the COMEM, European Elections were a topic of great debate, The members of the Young Socialists, Greens and Liberals opened the event where they were interviewed by Ville, one of YFJ’s Vice Presidents, about their personal and Party program on Youth Rights, the defense of democratic values and the new digital opportunities for education and the labour market.

At the beginning of the COMEM, on Friday, Carina Autengruber, president of YFJ, spoke about sustainability, the environment and European values, giving also an overview of the political work of the Youth Forum with the new Board.

Friday night of the COMEM was all focused on the Advisory Committee Candidates. Candidates drew random questions and had to answer on the spot. A round of “get to know the candidates“ followed the debate.

Saturday morning started with a debate with the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, and Defence of Belgium, Didier Reynders, running for Secretary General of the Council of Europe, we have spoken together about:

  • the budgetary situation of the CoE and financial sustainability;

  • Collaboration within the different pillars in the CoE;

  • Engagement of the CoE Member States supporting more the main institution for Human Rights in Europe.

After our debate with Didier Reynders, all the official delegates collected their voting ballots. We were voting on the next AC, JCI-Europe’s observer request, YFJ’s Financial Control Commission, and the chairs for the next statutory meeting of YFJ.

Sara Þöll, Our Board member, had been nominated by OBESSU to run for the AC, and we are happy about her election for the 2020-2021 mandate of Advisory Council on Youth. We would also like to thank Larissa, our former Board member, for her hard work and commitment to the work of the AC these past two years.

Immediately after the elections the COMEM approved the Resolution in support of youth demanding urgent climate action, OBESSU denounced the illegal repression happening in many countries against Fridays For Future and the Global Strikes, and supporting decisive amendments about the need of effective change in our productive systems to save the Planet.

Overall, this was a good meeting of the membership of the European Youth Forum.

We were really glad to see our voice being heard and the European Youth Forum managing to find clear positions, despite the differences within its members.

If you have any questions about our attendance at the COMEM, feel free to reach out to us at