Accessible School Student Representation (review for attach document)

Identify various social groups within the participants organizations Explore differences between organizations

Identify which group/s their organization represents the most Identify which group/s are under-represented by their organization See where their organization stands compared to other organizations



  • Tape 
  • The document
  • Pens/pencils

Print the document below - One per organization and one for the facilitator.

Tape a line across the floor

Activities step by step
Step 1: Divide the group into organizations.
5 Minutes
Step 2:
20 Minutes

Every organization is handed a document including various questions. The facilitator asks them to fill out the document to their best knowledge.

Step 3:
2 Minutes

Participants are asked to stand up and stand on the line on the floor.

Step 4:
20 Minutes

Keeping the document with them - they answer the questions again.

  • Moving forward if they answered the question with a 4 or higher
  • Staying on the line if they answered with a solid 3
  • Moving backwards if they answered with a 2 or lower
Step 5:
15 Minutes

Participants pair up with someone that was far away during the exercise.
A discussion about what they found out about their own organization.

  • Are they as accessible as they thought?
  • Was there some geographical difference?
  • Is there a reason for why the organization moved the way it did?
  • Do you have any solutions
  • Do you have any practices in place
  • They have to think about 3 or more tips/practices/ solutions that they could use in their organisations.
Step 6: Sharing of solutions
10 Minutes

Participants are asked to present what they came up with.

Step 7: Debrief
15 Minutes
  • Were you surprised by the outcome? Are you as accessible as you thought?
  • Do you think that you have an idea of how you can make your organization more accessable?
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