Code of Conduct & expectations

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Creating a safe space for participants, giving them ownership of the expected behavior, allow them to share their needs, for the group to see individuals' needs and for the group to reflect on what and how they can contribute to the summer school. For participants to first evaluate their expectations on inclusion in their organisation.

Code of Conduct

Participants liked to talk about their journey to the event & their expectation for the event in pairs with people they didn’t know before



Internet connection!

Internet & Mobile Devices

Activities step by step
Step 1: Story of my pony
10 Minutes
Step 2: My journey to “Let’s Open the Doors to Inclusion”
15 Minutes
  • create your own story

  • share in with someone you don’t yet know

Step 3: Wider reflection on expectations for their organisation
10 Minutes
  • Work in pairs from different organisations: What do I want to bring out of this summer school into my organisation?

  • write it down on post-its

Step 4: See in which session the result for the organisation is likely to be achieved
5 Minutes
Step 5: Fears & Expectations - Meme Death battle in pairs
25 Minutes
  • Participants think about their hopes, fears and expectations for this event. They present these through memes, using a meme generator.

  • send the memes to: Rob

Step 6: Options for free afternoon
10 Minutes
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