How do I make MY organisation more inclusive?

In this workshop participants from different organisations and backgrounds will throw their very own ideas together in a democratic and structured process and be able to take new ideas home into their organisation

improve the approach to be inclusive within one's own organisation, figure out which ideas apply to the issues identified for individual organizations



  • Paper
  • Pens

Activities step by step
Step 1: Energizer
10 Minutes
Step 2: Envision your organisation
25 Minutes

Envision your organisation as the most inclusive organisation ever:

  • How would it look like?
  • Who would be involved?
  • How would your organisational structures work?

-> Create a picture of each perfect organisation

Step 3:
25 Minutes
Step 4: Share results
30 Minutes

Share results in small groups and give feedback:

  • Please present your results (vision of there organisations to be the most inclusive + steps to get there)
  • Please give feedback to the presentation of the other organisation
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