Inclusion of Deaf Youth & Physical Disabilities

Participants will explore the realities and needs of deaf youth and those with physical disabilities in their organisations



Activities step by step
Step 1:
5 Minutes

First ask participants to reflect on their organisations and whether they have people with physical disabilities in their Boards, structures or participating at events. They may share if they feel comfortable.

Step 2:
10 Minutes

Firstly we will explore the needs of deaf youth. Ask participants to watch the video and take notes throughout on any needs or different methods they see being used.

Step 3:
10 Minutes

Reflect on the needs and opportunities presented when working with deaf youth. Prompt Questions

  • What needs do you now see, having watched video?
  • What opportunities are possible for deaf youth?
  • What barriers can deaf youth face in school and when participating in other activities?
Step 4: Society & Deaf Youth
10 Minutes

Discuss in the group how society views deaf people and how they fit into the education system. Are there deaf schools in the participants country? Do deaf youth attend general high schools?

Share with them this video:

Step 5:
10 Minutes

Initiatives for SSUs to reach out and ensure participation and inclusion of deaf youth. Also touch on accessibility for those with physical disabilities (wheelchair users etc).

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