Socio-Economic Background

Participants are going to explore how and why people can be excluded, regarding their socio-economic background. They are going to learn, which needs this group has and talk about possible counter-actions.


Two sessions of 45min

  • Post-its
  • Flipchart
  • Markers

Activities step by step
Step 1:
5 Minutes

Facilitator explains, that the word “socio-economic” consists of the words “social” and “economic”. The word itself describes different perspectives on the same subject and that social and economic always belong together.

Step 2:
20 Minutes

The participants think about the question “Which characteristics define the socio-economic status of a person?” in silence and make notes. Then, they gather ideas on the main question by a card-collection.

  • Formal education and degree of education
  • Schooling and studies
  • Job and income
  • Property of cultural goods (often counted in books)
  • Cultural praxis: visit of theatres and museums
  • Habitation and ownership structure
  • Liquidity and credit rating
Step 3:
10 Minutes

Participants gather examples for how, based on the single characteristics, people can be excluded. Facilitator also drops the word “intersectionality”.

Step 4:
10 Minutes

Participants work out ways to overcome these problems in their own organisation on their own. Some of them are shared and also noted on the flipchart.

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