Feedback, Follow up and Evaluation

Feedback, Follow up and Evaluation

Following your activity, make sure you can compare the outcomes to the objectives that you have set out at the beginning.

If you ran an online campaign

  • Can you check the data from your posts/tweets/ads, and see if you reached the audience that you wanted?

  • Did you achieve the lobbying or advocacy goal that you were trying to reach, or make any progress?

  • Did you gather the information that you wanted, and were the participants from a diverse background? For example, if you ran an online survey to consult young people, did you ask them which part of the country they came from, to ensure that your answers come from a geographically representative section of the country/region.

If you ran an event:

  • Did you have a diverse group of people attending?

  • Did you collect the information that you needed?

  • Did you create a safe space?

  • Did you take steps to satisfy everyone's needs?

  • Were the participants satisfied with the event?

It is very important to gather feedback from participants themselves after events or campaigns. If possible, use either online forms or paper surveys, and ask your participants to share their feedback. Make sure the forms are anonymous, unless the participants want to share their names.

Ask participants questions such as;

  • Did they enjoy the activity?

  • What did they learn?

  • Did they feel comfortable to participate?

  • If they could change anything, what would it be?

It can be useful to have a debriefing session and to gather some oral feedback from the participants as well. A debriefing session is an opportunity to reflect on how the participants felt in the activity and what they learned - it’s a very important element

Feedback is mostly important for internal reporting and learning from an activity. Use the feedback that you receive to develop a list of “Do’s” and “Don’t” for future activities and share the learning with your team!

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