Peer to Peer Education

Peer to Peer Education

As a peer educator, you have a unique role in facilitating learning activities. Non-formal education, led by young people, can be a lot more engaging and effective in learning about new ideas. It is a brilliant way to open up people’s minds up to new ways of thinking about the world, and a lot of fun for both the facilitators and the participants.

You should look for activities from the OBESSU toolkit, or the resources listed for social inclusion, to organise according to the needs of your organisation. Also, there are general tips for facilitators which are important to think about when you are preparing to organise an event. Some of these include

  • Being prepared and organised

  • Make a plan and stick to it - Start with the goals of the session, then the content and at last the methods

  • Ask for help if you need it - brief a team to help you in facilitating or with the logistics - or, contact the OBESSU PoT!

  • Power dynamics

  • Peer educators don’t have to be experts or have degrees in particular fields -

  • But, they need to be good at facilitating dialogue between people and leading the group through a learning activity

  • Language and tone

  • Be friendly and approachable

  • Speak clearly and don’t use difficult words or terminology

  • Offer for anyone to ask questions or to interrupt if they don’t understand

  • PowerPoint presentation, and other materials

  • Make sure that you don’t have too many crazy colour combinations on your powerpoints!

  • Use accessible language and don’t write every single thing down in slides - only the most important points (if detailed information is needed, print some handouts!)

  • Try using Kahoot or Prezi, if you will have a good internet connection in the room, as a way to have fun and accessible technological tools

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