The OBESSU ToolBox gathers several different pedagogical activities aimed at supporting school student activists and school student organisations in their educational initiatives. OBESSU strongly believes in Non-Formal Education as one of the best methodological approaches to promote deep learning processes and to empower school students. The OBESSU ToolBox includes activities focused on Active Participation, Education for Democratic Citizenship, Social Inclusion, Advocacy and on much more. Enjoy it!

The OBESSU ToolBox has been co-funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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LGBTQ+ Terminology - Matching Game
Participants are asked to match the terms with the corresponding definitions. Cards with Terms and definitions are upside down on the table. One after another picks up two cards and has to decide whether the cards match. The game works with a minimum of 2 players and can be adapted the knowledge level of the group by adding or removing cards.
Rating: 5
Tonight’s Dinner
Rating: 3.7  •  22 comments
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