Sharing the learning

Share the learning outcomes of the work done by different groups

Getting an insight into the work done by different groups


90 minutes

Large room, chairs for everyone, 5 tables

Groups that have been working in multiple parallel working groups/ workshops

Useful if participants have been working in different parallel workshops/working groups

Big paper to cover all the tables, multiple markers per table

  Five tables with a flipcharts and multiple markers on each, chairs for all participants are distributed equally around the tables

Activities step by step
Step 1: World café
5010 Minutes

Participants should form 5 groups each including equally distributed people from different workshops/working groups.

Each group will have a few minutes to answer the question on the table in front of them, and then move on to a different table.

One person should facilitate each table for the complete time.


  1. Explain to the other pair what you have learned in your workshop/working group?
  2. How do you want to multiply and spread the learning outcomes and experiences gained within your organization?
  3. How do you want to actively contribute to the activities of your organization?
  4. What you discovered that you didn't know about your organization?
  5. How can others benefit from my experience gained from this event?
Step 2: Sum up
30 Minutes

In plenary, each of the facilitators sums up what the group has been saying.

After that we open the floor for questions and a brief discussion.

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