Declaration of School Student Rights #1
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Analyse how the Declaration can be used in the work of school student activists

To understand the Declaration To know how to use the Declaration as a legal instrument


55 minutes

A normal room and the whole venue

Up to 40 participants

Designed for a group of school student activists

Flip-chart paper Cases Declaration of school student rights Maps of the venue printed out

Different cases on:

  • gender equality
  • students not being involved in decision making
  • hidden cost of education
  • bad quality VET education
  • school students not getting education that is informative and broad enough

Activities step by step
Step 1: Short explanation
10 Minutes

Short explanation of the idea behind the declaration, why and when it was adopted and what it talks about.

Step 2: Divide the participants
10 Minutes

Divide the participants into groups and hand out the declaration to each group together with a map of the venue. Give them a bit of time to go through it quickly.

Step 3: Problem-identification
20 Minutes

There are 5-6 different spots in the house that are marked on the map. On every spot there is a problem/issue, that the participants have to solve using the declaration, or at least find if the declaration says something on the issue.

They have to be asked a specific question for each case, eg. “why do you think this is mentioned in the declaration” / “is this case realistic?” / “what can the students in this scenario do about this?

The issues can be just written things on a wall or have real person speaking on spot.

Required: mark the places differently for each group so that they don’t go to the same ones at the same time.

Place 1 - A case on gender equality

Place 2 - case about students not being involved in decision making (lack of participation)

Place 3 - case about hidden costs of education

Place 4 - case about bad quality VET education

Place 5 - case about school students not getting education that is informative and broad enough

Step 4: Wrap up plenary
15 Minutes

Go through the cases one by one and discuss how the groups dealt with them.

  • How was it?
  • Did you see how you could use the declaration in real life?
  • Do you agree with it?
  • Do you think it is complete?
  • What would you add?
  • Have you seen issues like this in your own lives?
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