Learning for Life
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• To raise awareness about different aspects of learning process; • To promote active involvement of school students in their learning process.

• To get familiar with different pedagogical approaches in education; • To acquire new skills for promoting active participation in shaping their own learning process.

Some videos have not very good quality, due to technical limits, so maybe it is not easy to understand them.

Council of Europe Youth Work Portfolio ( OBESSU Summer School 2017 (


From 45min to 1h45min

A room big enough for the whole group; possibility to have less light for watching the videos; internet connection for video streaming.

5 to 50 people

School students; school student activists; young people; youth leaders.

Projector, computer. Stationary if eventually the concept part is developed as specific workshop. Link to videos in YouTube (

It can be interesting, before starting, to get familiar with concepts such as “competences”, “lifelong learning”, “assessment” and so on. This information can be provided to participants before or after the videos, in different ways.

Activities step by step
Step 1: Introduction
10 Minutes

Before projecting the videos, a short introduction is necessary. This can have different formats (a more formal presentation, a more dynamic one, etc.), but it is important to introduce a bit the general context. Eventually, a longer introduction can include also some key information about the concepts explored in the videos (up to 30 minutes). This part can be developed as a specific workshop.

Step 2: Videos
15 Minutes

The projection of all the videos can take maximum 15 minutes.

Step 3: Debate
20 Minutes

After the videos, a short round of comments by the audience can help to understand the impact of the videos on the group. If the specific concepts explored by the videos have not been introduced previously, it is important to clarify them to participants. The debate can touch the following points:

  • Are you familiar with these concepts of learning?
  • Is your school familiar with these concepts of learning?
  • Which is the “learning” reality of your school? Of your country?
  • How could you improve your participation in the decision-making process related with your learning?
  • Do you know any kind of initiative that can support you in this task?

We suggest to keep the debate relatively short (up to 60 minutes) 

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