Welcome and introduction
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Introduce the agenda. Check expectations and fears. Getting to know each other.

Agenda and objectives of the activity clarified. Get to know the group of participants a bit.


70 minutes

A big-sized room

Up to 40 participants

Any kind of group is suitable.

Flip-chart papers. Pens. Post-its.

Prepare flipcharts for the expectations and fears. Flipchart with the objectives. Name game.

Activities step by step
Step 1:
5 Minutes

The chair of the day welcomes everyone and introduces the team and the process of the day.

Step 2: Name game
20 Minutes

The whole group will play a “write your name”. You write down your name in the air, first with the finger, then with the tongue, then with the pelvis.

Step 3: Stations
25 Minutes

Participants will be introduced to the stations round. In 2 groups they will go around the building to meet a team member for a certain task (2 rounds of 10min +5min for changing stations, etc.):

  • Intro to the objectives, agenda and learning paths: participants will be introduced to the objectives of the activity (on a table the objective will be there and participants will be asked to read them and explain what do they understand from them), the agenda (that will be nicely in the wall) and the different learning paths.

  • Get to know each other: Shark grid

Step 4: Expectations and fears
20 Minutes

In plenary, participants will be asked to reflect on their Expectations, Fears and Contributions. In three different flipcharts, they will put up their post its and we will open the floor for those of them who would like to share theirs.

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