Tools in Workshop
LGBTQ+ Terminology - Matching Game
Participants are asked to match the terms with the corresponding definitions. Cards with Terms and definitions are upside down on the table. One after another picks up two cards and has to decide whether the cards match. The game works with a minimum of 2 players and can be adapted the knowledge level of the group by adding or removing cards.
Rating: 5
What is advocacy? What are the tools?
Tags: #advocacy #involvement #studentparticipation
Rating: 3  •  3 comments
Advocacy 101: What tools can we use?
Tags: #advocacy #lobbying #planning #tools #discussion #media #socialactions
Rating: 3  •  1 comment
Identifying Issues & Project Management
Tags: #OrganizationalDevelopment #ProblemIdentification #ProjectWriting #ProjectManagement
Rating: 3  •  1 comment
Advocacy in practice and networking and cooperation
Tags: #advocacy #networking #cooperation
Rating: 3  •  1 comment
"How do I make my organisation more inclusive?
Tags: #activeparticipation #inclusion #organisationaldevelopment
Rating: 2  •  3 comments
Tags: #formaleducation #debate #vote16 #participation #youth
Rating: 1  •  1 comment
Human Library
Meet people you wouldn't have a chance to meet in real life, and ask them questions you are curious about
Rating: n/a
LGBT stories exhibition
Exhibition of posters with stories of LGBT people
Rating: n/a
Ready to Pride!
Example of preparatory assembly for a School Student group / union joining a Pride Parade
Rating: n/a
Self reflection on Gender Expression
Understanding the difference between gender identity and gender expression and reflecting the influence of the social context on our appearance
Rating: n/a
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