Advocacy in practice and networking and cooperation
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Designing advocacy campaigns

• To experience an advocacy strategy with the topic of Refugees. • Learning and reflecting from the previous experience • Explore the different ways people cooperate and the processes they follow and the tools the use to network


2 x 90 minutes

Useful as part of a seminar that has already worked on advocacy in theory and where it’s useful to have an example to practice on.

Flipcharts Markers

The group should have already worked on advocacy in theory.

Activities step by step
Step 1:
10 Minutes

What are the main challenges that migrants and refugee students and young people face in your country/area in the educational system?

  • Country reflection in the small groups coming from the same country/area (5 min)
  • Speed dating: Participants share their own reflection with the other country-based small groups (1min per pair)

Participants are asked to name some of the most heard challenges during the speed dating. The facilitators cluster them into 6 topics.

Step 2: Small group discussion and planning
15 Minutes

After the 6 topics are identified participants are asked to split evenly among them in order to discuss the advocacy strategy they want to follow. 

Step 3:
50 Minutes

Designing the campaign, identify target groups, and make a power interest grid (who to approach but also how), identify some actions (tools).

In the end each group will have a flipchart containing the draft of a campaign.

Step 4: Break
Step 5:
30 Minutes

Every group presents their campaign to the rest of the group.

Step 6:
40 Minutes

Peer feedback in multiple rounds

Step 7:
20 Minutes

A brief discussion over the process.

  • Do you think you planned a successful advocacy campaign?
  • What are the key strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the weight you gave to networking?
  • In what ways does this advocacy strategy reflect your organization’s practices?
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