Human Library

To destroy the stigmas and stereotypes, and hear new interesting stories about minorities and their lives


60 minutes

4 rooms

20/25 people

The activity is ideal for a class of students + 2 lecturers

Papers, pens, food and drinks

Activities step by step
Step 1: Introduction
30 Minutes

Introduction to the concept of the Human Library and to our organisation, what we do, Introduction to the basic terminology, giving students a summary of the books and give them an option to choose the first book based on the story, then let them create a sketch of how that person might look like and prepare some questions in advance

Step 2: Reading
60 Minutes

The students are divided into as many groups as the number of books and they should and go into separate rooms (max 2 groups per room) and for the period of 20 minutes students talk to the book, usually, it is 10 mins book telling a story and then 10 mins questions. Students can take notes


Step 3: Summary
30 Minutes

The first lecturer does a summary with students and they share what they have heard and the second lecturer does a summary with books

Step 4: Messages
15 Minutes

Students can write messages to the books

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