Ready to Pride!

To understand the political relevance of Pride Parade and preparing materials.


90 minutes

1 room

Not limited

Projector or just computer for small groups

Activities step by step
Step 1:
30 Minutes

The Group reads and comments the story of Stonewall Riots (e.g. preferably in the national/local language.

Step 2:
20 Minutes

The group discusses the last facts connected to the Pride and the LGBTQIA+ movement in the city/country, both focusing on positive happenings and negative ones.

Step 3:
10 Minutes

Images from the violence against Bialystok Pride Parade are shown. 

Step 4:
30 Minutes

The group discusses following the guiding questions “why is important to defend the right to demonstrate Pride?” and “what’s the message we want to send to our community?”

Step 5:

The group prepares all the necessary materials for the participation to the Pride Parade.

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