Self reflection on Gender Expression

1h 45 mins

1 room

10 participants

Two flipcharts, a sheet per participant, pens (two different colors) and markers, genderbread person schema

Activities step by step
Step 1:
10 Minutes

Participants are asked to fill up two flipcharts with the title ‘’Masculinity’’ and ‘’Femininity’’ based on the traditional binary male/female conception in a silent brainstorming session

Step 2:
2 Minutes

The content of the flipcharts is quickly read out loud by an activity leader

Step 3:
15 Minutes

Participants are asked to pick ideas that apply to themselves from the two flipcharts distinguishing them by using two different colours, even if (apparently) contradictory

Step 4:
15 Minutes

Participants introduce themselves again stating their preferred pronouns and discuss what they have written one by one - everyone is free to share as much as one wants

Step 5:
20 Minutes

Participants are asked about ONE THING what has been perceived stereotypical or offensive in the content of the flipcharts - what kind of social expectations making you feeling under pressure? Why?

Step 6:
5 Minutes

The definitions of gender identity and gender expression are explained using the genderbread person. Non binary types of gender identities are mentioned and eventually explained.

Step 7:
20 Minutes

Free discussion about social pressure on gender expression. What has this session changed for you in the way you perceive gender/gender expression? Would you say that society should redefine the concepts of masculinity and femininity? How?

Step 8:
5 Minutes

Everyone writes on a post-it something one has learned from the session and will bring home (anonymously) - the post-its are attached to a bigger flipchart

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