Justice for every child is the Global Campaign launched by 100 Million in cooperation with multiple partners and youth activisits worldwide. The aim of the campaign is to call on the international community to provide immediate action for marginalised children and young people. 


Following Covid-19 crisis, hundreds of millions of children have long been excluded from reliable access to quality public education, sanitation or public healthcare, or any kind of social protection measures or safety net. Since COVID-19, those numbers have skyrocketed. School closures - for the children who have access - mean millions no longer have their only regular daily meal and others will suffer greater violence or abuse without the protection that school offers them. Lockdowns have proven that children who are victims of domestic abuse and violence are being left without respite from their abuser. Social distancing, quarantine or self-isolation are impossible to practise in crowded homes and informal settlements.Families that no longer have any income from work are terrified they will starve - and some already are. When COVID-19 reached overcrowded or hard-to-reach neighbourhoods, the actions of some governments - including violent crackdowns on workers and a failure to ensure a stable food supply - give us serious cause for concern about the way in which the most marginalised have been and will be treated.


We are calling on governments to take immediate action to protect the most vulnerable children now, and to prevent a child and youth rights catastrophe in the near future. This has to be a combination of new actions based on an emergency response to COVID-19, and actions to deliver some of the core Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - to which every government has already committed.