The educational system is not open to changes due to the lack of time and space for teachers to experiment new styles and methods, and to the lack of appropriate response towards the new trends and technologies. Students are taught to learn passively, without managing their own learning process and engaging in it.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools needed to adapt to digital tools and technologies, while not having proper staff digital education nor support on how to work with these technologies. When this switch to online learning happened, the engagement of students became lower and highlighted challenges of educational systems such as the lack of learning-to-learn skills and attitudes such as autonomous learning, critical thinking, problem solving and curiosity.

As a response to this, our project aims towards the creation of a support system for both teachers and students to adapt to the digital challenges they are facing with online education and learning.

The objectives of Innovation Station are:

  • To explore different methods and practices in online education;
  • To investigate the ways in which young people learn and what motivates them to engage in the online classroom in order to facilitate their own learning;
  • To develop guidelines for teachers to work online, including fostering self-directed learning of the students;
  • To equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to implement online and blended educational activities while keeping their students engaged and motivated;
  • To develop an online training for students for self-directed and self-paced learning;
  • To create spaces for teacher-student dialogue and interaction;
  • To develop a set of recommendations towards policy makers on the changes necessary in the educational system and on the support needed for teachers and educational institutions.

Our project started in April 2022 and it will last unitl May 2024. 

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