The European Changemaker Academy Project (ECMA) aims to empower young people to become changemakers in their own community, fostering active participation on the local level as well as belonging to the European community. 

Specifically this project is focused on: 

  • Building stronger youth organising on the local community level, while at the same time reinforcing its connection transnationally and to Europe.
  • Mentoring the access to political life of young people as an underrepresented group through change ambassadors as role models.
  • Experimenting new forms of capacity building to influence policy making from the grassroots to the European level.
  • Creating a cross-sectoral and cross-target group cooperation, both in the consortium and on the different levels from local to European

The ECMA is envisioning to contribute to this aim by introducing a comprehensive mentoring programme where 20 activists in 6 countries (120 in total) of local communities (multipliers) are supported by a transnational team of 6 change ambassadors and 30 changemakers, who are well-experienced and through the project, trained in local community organising, political participation with a European perspective and mentoring. 

6 change ambassadors will train 30 changemakers who will mentor 120 multipliers through  a blended online and on-site methodology developed by the partnership with external experts. The methodology, implemented by the changemakers, will foresee a MOOC, national training courses, practice study visits and several international events, including a policy seminar, a European Youth Goals Ideathon and a final conference of the project. The methodology will be piloted in Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Estonia, Croatia and Germany by the local partners of the project, and will be coordinated by 3 European level organisations, to value the approach of the project of local level, empowerment, connection to EU and participation and practice sharing.

The project is run by OBESSU in cooperation with the following partners AEGEE Europe, YEU International, CONFIA, ARCI, Impossible Foundation, ISSU, AEGEE Budapest, AEGEE Zagreb, AEGEE Tartu, AEGEE Bamberg. 

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